Short Version

I am a 28-year-old wife, (soon-to-be) mother, future cloth diaper-er, hopeful breastfeeder and a new Texan. I’m resolving to enjoy this pregnancy more fully, eat better and move my ass more. This is me holding myself accountable. 

Often sarcastic in my humor and blunt in speech, you may not always like or understand what I have to say!

Longer Version

I am a housewife (it’s more work than it seems), a soon-to-be stay at home mom. My husband, Devin, is an amazing dude that I enjoy laughing at (and with of course). I love him bunches. We got married in 2013 and decided to start a family right away. We are expecting our first kid in June and couldn’t be more excited.

Like most everyone, we are recent transplants to Texas. We chose Austin to raise our family. We are also parents to two Chihuahua mix puppies, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. I have a feeling I will still be potty training them when I start potty training the kid in my belly.

Sometimes Paleo, oftentimes not; I love carbs. I believe in being honest. I love cooking, baking, reading, tattoos (I have 13) and my family. I take crappy pictures with my iPhone because the photos I take with the camera never leave the camera’s memory card. You’ll see about the photos, just wait.

I’m sure you’ll find some of everything here and I hope you enjoy it.


P.S. – I may swear a lot. I hope that doesn’t bother you.


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