I never knew that breathing could be so complicated. 

We just got home from Childbirth class and this week we focused on breathing exercises. Am I the only one that forgets to inhale during all these rapid exhalations? The deep breathing did feel awesome! It’s like I usually only half ass breathing, my lungs and nasal passage felt cool and refreshed. 

This weekend we went and got a 3D ultrasound. It was sort of anticlimactic. The kid was bent in half and would not move both feet from in front of its face. I tried drinking juice, laying on my left side and bending over and nothing would make it change positions. We got a couple good pictures though, so I’m glad we did it.

We also got coupons for spa services. Baby massage, here I come. My husband has been telling me to get a prenatal massage for a few months now and now because we have coupons, I will!

It’s been a week since the puppies had their surgery and they are back to normal; meaning completely crazy. Bamm-Bamm has discovered that without balls, he can jump on the couch and bed without assistance. I’m not sure I like this development. Meanwhile, Pebbles is totally afraid of jumping and has started rolling on her back and peeing when we try to pick her up from the couch. I didn’t realize that having her spayed and an umbilical hernia repaired would make her incontinent. *sad face*

The good news is that they both are doing well. 

I have major updates on baby stuff for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Countdown to baby: 79 days