No Sleep Till….

I got NO sleep last night. And, by no sleep I mean, MAYBE an hour and a half. I didn’t fall asleep until around 5:45 this morning. I know that because I was playing on my phone the whole time.

Today was pretty uneventful.

I packed for Boston for both myself and Devin. Packing for short trips is more difficult for me, I want to pack everything! It’s going to be pretty cold, especially Monday; I don’t have a coat that fits me in this stage of pregnancy. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to find one once we get there.

I polished off the rest of the sugar cookies. Gross, I know.

I made a menu and grocery list for when we get back on Tuesday. It may sound strange, but I love meal planning. Our biggest problem is eating out pretty frequently, when eating at home would be the healthiest thing for us. I’ve been really lazy lately with the cooking, so when we get back from Boston we’re getting back on the wagon. I’m also promising (myself, AGAIN) to start exercising.

If you’re interested here is what we’re going to be eating when we get back. I’ve included links to the websites that I find these delicious recipes on (I’m not particularly creative myself). We always have leftovers for lunch the next day, it makes life so much simpler.

Tuesday (we get back in the afternoon)

Dinner – Cobb Salad. I make this with chicken breast (boiled or grilled) and bacon. My husbands’ favorite. Quick & Easy.


Breakfast – Over medium eggs, bacon & toast

Snack – Cottage Cheese

Lunch – Leftovers

Snack – 1/2 Avocado & String Cheese

Dinner – Chicken thighs with mashed sweet potatoes & green beans


Breakfast – Broccoli, sausage & cheese scramble

Snack – Plain greek yogurt with mixed fresh berries

Lunch – Leftovers

Snack – Mixed Nuts

Dinner – Swedish meatballs with bok choy & salad (I have a batch of these ready in the freezer.)


Breakfast – Paleo Blueberry Pancakes (these are SO good) with sausage

Snack – Banana & string cheese

Lunch – Leftovers

Snack – Cottage cheese

Dinner – BLT’s with avocado & salad


Breakfast – Over medium eggs, bacon & hash browns

Snack – Pink Grapefruit Smoothie

Lunch – Leftovers

Snack – 1/2 green apple & toast with almond butter

Dinner – Easy Shredded Pork (skipping the plantains in this recipe, they are delicious though) with mashed sweet potatoes & roasted brussels sprouts

We just dropped the puppies off at the puppy hotel. I didn’t expect to be so sad about it. I’m sitting here now, wondering if they miss us, if they’re crying. 😦

I’m off to try to get some sleep. Our day starts at 3:45 a.m. tomorrow. It’s going to be a long one.

Countdown to baby: 96 days…