I’ve kind of been a slacker. The baby must be having a growth spurt because I am really tired this week. It started on Sunday, napping most of the day (it didn’t help that the weather was crap). Yesterday, I fell asleep about an hour after waking up and slept an additional 4 hours. 

26 weeks today. Only 14 to go. Seems like it’s taking forever and going too quickly at the same time.

On Saturday we were supposed to attend a Cloth Diapering class, but didn’t make it on time and I refuse to show up late (I think it’s rude and disrespectful). So, we are just going to wing it. 

We started our stash with a Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit. I’m still hesitant about this kit because I wanted to get a variety of brands and styles, but Devin got sold on it so we’ll keep it. Cloth Diapering is my new obsession. It’s bordering on unhealthy, it occupies most of my day; researching various brands and styles of diapers to try to decide what else I want to add to my stash.

There is SO much information available it is OVERWHELMING and exciting at the same time. Google is my BFF and worst enemy right now. 

We have a last minute trip to Boston this weekend. Devin has to go for a work thing on Monday and I’m going to visit with my family that lives in Connecticut. We leave on Saturday and won’t get back until Tuesday afternoon. 

I don’t have a maternity jacket. I’m going to freeze.

Countdown to baby: 98 days…(holy shit balls that seems soon)


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