I never expected that trying to conceive would mean we wouldn’t really have to try. I have a personality flaw that makes me worry about everything. I thought for sure we would be trying cycle after cycle for years for that one special sperm to find my egg. Boy was I wrong!

Thirty-four days after ingesting my last birth control pill, I got a positive home pregnancy test. 34 days! Granted, I don’t leave anything to chance. I was using a digital ovulation test thing to figure out when I was about to ovulate (my cycles are WACKY). I had started taking prenatal vitamins before I was even off the pill. And, we were having sex every day for weeks. Yeah, yeah, I know you technically aren’t supposed to have sex everyday when TTC, but we did.

Still with all of that preparation, we got lucky. There is something remarkably difficult about trying to make a person. I forget the actual stats, but even doing everything “right”, chances of getting knocked up are only around 20% each month.

Silly me, I anticipated that GETTING pregnant would be hard, but it never occurred to me that BEING pregnant would be hard. Why I never thought pregnancy would be difficult is beyond me, but I look back and think “What a moron!”. My pregnancy has been EASY (low risk – no complications *knock on wood*) compared to some and I find it challenging.

I’ve had pretty normal symptoms. My boobs have grown 4 cup sizes. My back kills me because my stomach is pushing it forward and my boobs are huge. My feet hurt from carrying around an extra person. Then there is the crying like a crazy person over nothing and the weird, often scary dreams.

The exhaustion has been the worst though. I read on every baby website that the second trimester was where I would get my energy boost. Well, with less than a month to go in this trimester, I’m still waiting on it.

I’ve used being tired as an excuse to stop regularly exercising. Which is stupid because everyone knows exercise = energy. I really wish I was one of those psycho (by psycho, I mean Rock star) Cross-Fit chicks who continue kicking ass at WODs well into pregnancy.

I’m going to assume it’s not too late to start daily exercise to get some energy back and help prepare me for labor. Don’t worry, I’ve checked with my doctor. Hopefully, I will build a solid routine to keep up after the baby is born, so I can lose the baby weight. Maybe I’ll try Cross-Fit, I’m sure it would help with that. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I am making a person that I am so in love with already. Every time I feel a kick (even if it’s to my bladder) I think about how incredible it is to have this privilege. I”M MAKING A PERSON!! It’s astounding. Our bodies are amazing, but pregnancy isn’t unicorns and rainbows.

I’ll post daily updates on what I’m cooking/eating, how I exercised and what projects I’m working on not sucking at.

How did you motivate yourself during pregnancy?


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